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Do I need to pay extra for cleaning?

Yes, there is a cleaning charge (see Rates page). The house will be cleaned prior to your arrival and after you leave.

Can I adjust the pool heating?

Yes, you can adjust the pool temperature to your liking, although most guests are happy with it set to 86 degrees (which is where we normally leave it set).

Are there linens and towels at the house?

Yes, there are plenty of bed linens, towels and tea-towels etc. and also beach towels.

What do I need to bring?

We have endeavoured to supply everything that you will need. However, we recommend you bring a toothbrush.

Is there a hairdryer?

There are two hairdryers, normally found in the bedrooms.

Is there any beach equipment?

Yes, there are chairs and recliners for taking to the beach. Also a sun umbrella and some beach toys.

What sort of kitchen utensils are there?

We have tried to think of everything that you might need, including things like a cocktail shaker and glasses, two different coffee-makers, a mixer and a slow cooker. If there is anything specific that you need, please ask us.

Is there anything to do at the house if it rains?

Yes, there are shelves and shelves of books. There is a cupboard full of games and several hundred DVDs.

What about restaurants?

We provide a “Restaurant Guide” that we have put together describing many of the local restaurants, diners and, most importantly, ice-cream parlours.  

Are there any bikes?

Yes, there are four adult bikes which you may use (at your own risk).

Is there a child safety barrier for the pool?

Yes, there is a barrier which you may put up if you have small children.

What happens if there is a problem during my stay?

We have local agents who live close by. We will give you their contact details in case you have any queries or problems.

Do I need to pay an extra charge for pool heating?

No, pool heating is included in the rental price.

Can I bring my pet?

While we do not allow pets at our home, there is a trusted pet sitter available and close by.  You can visit often and take your pet out to the dog park or pet friendly beach.  Contact us for details.


Is smoking allowed at the vacation home?

Smoking is not allowed.


Would I be allowed to have a party?

No, parties are not allowed, although you may of course entertain friends, providing you take appropriate care of our home.


What if there is any breakage or damage?

We really appreciate being told about breakages or damages – accidents do happen. If it is something small there may well be no charge, however, if it is something a little larger, we may need to retain an appropriate amount from your security deposit.

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